Digital ID Cards

An affordable, ID card management software to issue identity badges promptly to any mobile device or plastic card printer anywhere in the world.

Users can design their ID Badge, capture and update data by mobile, verify members by email or text, track activity by QR code and communicate by SMS & Push notifications, all within a single platform and without the need to purchase expensive hardware.

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ID waiter makes life easier for

  • Security managers
  • Event organisers
  • Membership coordinators
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Student administrators
  • Accreditation managers

Manage membership on the go

  • Users submit data and photos via APP
  • Users hold all cards in a single APP wallet
  • “Admins” can amend, edit & capture data
  • Capture, time, date and geo-location
  • Verify attendance by scanning QR code
  • Store all your ID cards and badges.
  • SMS and Push notification

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What experts are saying

“ID waiter saved us a lot of money and time, because we don’t need all that complicated software and hardware to create badges for our events.”

– Brid O'Connell, Marketing Consultant

“I don’t need to worry about students loosing their ID cards anymore, because they have them on their phones.”

– Dona McMillan, Student Administrator

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