Why we built ID Waiter

If you’re an event, security manager or membership co-ordinator, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of assembling, collating and verifying membership data prior to issuing the ID card.

Our support team were flooded with calls on software related issues, everything from lost license keys, missing USB keys, windows updates not updating, missing data, photo management, merging multiple databases and MAC/PC compatibility issues… the list goes on!

What we built?

An easy to use software platform that manages the design, verification and issuance of ID cards and badges. We beefed it up to additional functions like text, push notification and scanning abilities to capture and input data in real-time at any location.

What makes us different?

Unlike other companies, we synchronise the applications of cloud, mobile and QR technologies, to enable the issuance of cards physically – plastic card and/or virtually – direct to a mobile wallet.

Our platform is affordable, requires limited or no hardware, is easy to use and allows communication between issuer and cardholder via text and push notifications.

So log in, create an account and download our app.

Dwayne Johnson


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